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The Red Fox (Scroll Down for more photos)

The Red Fox          (Scroll Down for more photos)
The Red Fox has truly captivated me; I love to watch them and truly I am in awe just being in thier presence, It has been an honor to photograph them. My most rewarding experience along with the Bald Eagle and Hawks.

You Woke Me Up

You Woke Me Up

Monday, June 22, 2009

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Angel Cher's photography is breathtaking and true to life, she has spent many hours in the field with her Nikon D3 and 500mm Camera.

Angel Cher loves nature and all the wildlife and sometimes stakes out a place for hours even if it is for one good photo of a small bird, Or one great shot of a Fox Kit.

Angel Cher spends hours on downloads and in photos- shops to bring out the best results of her subject. Angel Cher uses photoshop and captureNx.

My Merchandise is at cafepress where you can buy Angel Cher's photgraphy for clothes, hats, calendars and mugs.

4. Because you can find her merchandise on smugmug, cafepress, flickr and blurb as well as her other websites like angelcher65 at blogspot and angelchersphotographycom - She is very active in the community.

Angel Cher created a book called The Red Fox and the photos are amazing with Red Fox Kits and Vixen.

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Angel Cher wishes you to stop by Flickr to see her work.

Visit Angel Cher at Flickr.

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