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The Red Fox (Scroll Down for more photos)

The Red Fox          (Scroll Down for more photos)
The Red Fox has truly captivated me; I love to watch them and truly I am in awe just being in thier presence, It has been an honor to photograph them. My most rewarding experience along with the Bald Eagle and Hawks.

You Woke Me Up

You Woke Me Up

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Photography~ Capturing The American Bald Eagle

I never thought in all my dreams I would be photographing The American Bald Eagle. It has been a most rewarding experience to watch them catch fish and steal each-others catch, to see them only 20 feet away or less is just an experience that finds you holding you're breath and speechless ... even if I call to them "Hey Little Buddy."

I am so glad I found moments like these to treasure in God's amazing world of wildlife. It is addicting photographing them in their sanctuary; Our Dam's and Wildlife Reserves!

I am thankful to God for allowing me the honor and the ability to photograph them.

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