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The Red Fox (Scroll Down for more photos)

The Red Fox          (Scroll Down for more photos)
The Red Fox has truly captivated me; I love to watch them and truly I am in awe just being in thier presence, It has been an honor to photograph them. My most rewarding experience along with the Bald Eagle and Hawks.

You Woke Me Up

You Woke Me Up

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Photography: Capturing The Red Fox

I never thought in all my dreams I would photograph and stand only 2 feet from a Red Fox. I certainly cannot tell you what you would feel for the first time you see the stunning beauty of one. I can say that as for my first experience I was so awe-stricken, the depth of excitement is just beyond compare.

I am so thankful to God for letting them be a part of my life as well as the Bald Eagle.

When I shoot a subject I love... such as the Eagle and the Red Fox and it appears before me, I know only God could have presented it to me.

"I have always felt that God gives us special moments when our heart's are really in it that are just for us and each photographer that seeks shall find!" Angel Cher

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