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The Red Fox (Scroll Down for more photos)

The Red Fox          (Scroll Down for more photos)
The Red Fox has truly captivated me; I love to watch them and truly I am in awe just being in thier presence, It has been an honor to photograph them. My most rewarding experience along with the Bald Eagle and Hawks.

You Woke Me Up

You Woke Me Up

Monday, September 1, 2014


A story about love:

Gods General was Lucifer, 
A PERFECT Angel and God's most powerful angel.
HE was given Free-Will.
WELL You cannot FORCE
Love on anyone.
Lucifer wanted love...
He wondered why God was loved?
Why wasn't he loved the most?
He no longer loved God as a result.
If we had no divine free-will,
There would be NO love...
Because LOVE cannot be FORCED!!
God cannot make a single one of us love him OR love anyone else.
HE gave you the gift its up
To you what you do with it.
WHILE It is instilled in us, Self love is not as God wanted it. LUCIFER loved Himself. This is why love is as it is.

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