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The Red Fox (Scroll Down for more photos)

The Red Fox          (Scroll Down for more photos)
The Red Fox has truly captivated me; I love to watch them and truly I am in awe just being in thier presence, It has been an honor to photograph them. My most rewarding experience along with the Bald Eagle and Hawks.

You Woke Me Up

You Woke Me Up

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Words in WWJD

(where one person was yelling and honking and giving the bird- an officer says well your bumper sticker says WWJD so i thought you stole that car)
The words in
is just a reminder - (of how one should try to be)
it does not imply anyone is perfectly like Jesus
or imply
that any human is perfect-
b'cause its human to err.
a christian still sins,
thats why they pray for guidance, confess,
repent and try to change.
This is comical-
but what people derive is ridiculous!
being christian is life long learning and growth and trying
But by no means at all
does it aspire or even suggest one human is better than another-
only that they are still learning how to walk in His way and grow to be in his likeness-
But it doesnt say that everyone who leaves this earth is doing exactly what Jesus would do.
Reason being is not one of us could hold a candle and many leave not ever doing what Jesus would Do.

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